There is something comforting about being welcomed at the front door of a building.

Whether you’re arriving at that door for the first time or you’re a regular, you’re put at ease. Someone was expecting you. Someone reached out to welcome you. Your mood is lifted before you’ve even set foot in the door.

But, the front door has moved. The internet has moved the front door of every organisation, including the church.

Your first opportunity to welcome people to your church is now online. Will you answer it with a warm welcome or are you missing a huge opportunity?

We’re here to help!

What we offer

Through our Congregational Website Program, the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of South Australia (UCASA) offers congregations, faith communities, Presbyteries, and other UCA organisations, the opportunity to have a fully functional website. This provides you with an easy-to-use website that reflects the UCASA as an innovative, growing church.

There are three different website options available:
One Page Website
Full Website – Preset Layout
Full Website – Customised Layout

Congregational Logo Design

We are excited to be able to offer all Congregations on the Congregational Website Program the opportunity to have a logo created by our talented Graphic & Digital Designer.

This logo can be used digitally, on your website, emails, etc. For more information about this service click here or phone 8236 4266 to speak to our Congregational Website Officer.


Do you lack the time and administrative support to operate your own website? A One Page Website will be the ideal basic web presence for your congregation.

$50 set up fee, payable before handover
$100 per annum maintenance fee, billed annually

We will add content and photographs to a one page ucasa.org.au website so you have your own web presence.

If you require changes, contact us and we can update the website for you. We offer six updates per year.

  • One Page Websites can list playgroups, Sunday schools, youth, young adult and parent groups, include a location map and can also list specific Easter and Christmas services if they are emailed to us.
  • Five photos can be added to each website.
  • Up to six changes to content per year – this is enough to add and remove Christmas events, Easter events and any other major event your church operates. Please note small changes to things like contact details or ministers are not counted in the six changes.
  • A custom domain name (e.g. yourchurch.ucasa.org.au) is provided as a quick-link to your page.
  • Email account – one email account at your domain using Google’s Gmail platform (e.g. contact@yourchurch.ucasa.org.au).

One Page Websites

Ascot Community Uniting Church
ConneXions Uniting Church
Croydon Park Uniting Church
Dernancourt Uniting Church
Kangarilla Uniting Church
Mitcham Village Uniting Church
Moonta & Districts Uniting Churches
One Tree Hill Uniting Church
Para Hills Uniting Church
Para Vista Uniting Church
Port Elliot Uniting Church
Summertown Uniting Church
The Grove Uniting Church
The Uniting Churches of the Tatiara
Tumby Bay Uniting Church
West Lakes United Church


Joining the Congregational Website Program is a great way to have a fully functioning website with the latest church news, events, podcasts and more. All you need to get started is a web browser and log-in.

$250 set up fee, payable before handover
$250 per annum maintenance fee, billed annually

From normal pages of web content to blogs to podcasts to weekly newsletters to video to events calendars to photo galleries – it’s all available to your church through the Congregational Website Program.

All of this is supported by the Synod Office which provides ease of mind – if you get stuck or someone moves from your church, we’re here to help.

Great, mobile-ready design

UCASA inspired design – when our UCASA brand is consistent, it’s like a uniform that binds us together. The website was designed by our very talented Graphics and Digital Designer.
But flexible – do you have a logo and accent colour you want to use within this style? No problem – this can be set up for your church.
Fully mobile ready – the design is fully mobile responsive. You don’t have to do a thing – simply edit the content and the website technology takes care of the rest!

Post your own content

Content management – log into the site using any modern web browser and you have full control over your site content. Any modern browser. Any time. So simple.
Photo galleries – upload and crop up to 50 photos in the browser.
Blogging/News system – write regular stories or articles and display them in a blog format.
Newsletters – want to present your weekly newsletters online? Upload your PDF newsletters onto your congregational Google Drive (provided) & embed the newsletters onto the website.
Podcasts – want to host a podcast of your weekly sermons? We provide a platform for your Sermon.net podcasts to be viewed.
Video – does your congregation work with video? We can embed Vimeo or YouTube videos.

Access to statistics

Your church will have access to analytical data through an automatically generated monthly report.

Branded email accounts

Email accounts – up to 5 email accounts at your domain using Google’s Gmail platform (e.g. minister@yourchurch.ucasa.org.au). Gmail is extremely flexible and can be accessed in multiple locations and platforms, allowing you to work with your email from any modern web browser, most desktop email software and any smart phone.
Wave goodbye to running out of email space – you’ll have 30 GB for each of your accounts.
Email forwards – up to 10 email forwards, redirecting emails delivered to one email address on to a different email address.


The Customised Layout option* has all of the perks of a Full Website with the added bonus of a customised menu structure and home page.

$600 set up fee, payable before handover
$250 per annum maintenance fee, billed annually
$60 post-handover layout change fee, billed per change

*Please note: this option is available from 2020 for congregations who would like to break the mould and have a completely customised layout.

Getting Started

For questions regarding the Congregational Website Programs, please email congregationalweb@sa.uca.org.au or phone (08) 8236 4266.

Congregational Website Program Style Guide

If you would like to get started please download and complete an Agreement and Preferences form (even if your organisation is an existing member of the Congregational Website Program).

Finished forms can then be emailed to congregationalweb@sa.uca.org.au or posted to

Attn: Congregational Websites
Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of South Australia
GPO Box 2145
Adelaide SA 5001

On receipt, we will contact you to progress your new website. We look forward to hearing from you!


“In 2016 the Church Council agreed to join the Synod of South Australia web program. It has been a very productive relationship.

The website has great functionality and is simple to maintain. It provides a great resource for our members with ready access to newsletters, calendar, and past services.The recent provision of a Facebook feed is a great initiative.

The website is the centrepiece to Echunga’s online presence and during this time of social isolation we have received great feedback as people from far and wide have been able to keep in touch by catching up with recent online services.

The website template offered by the program is very contemporary and robust. It undergoes regular enhancements as new features become available. The training and prompt support offered by the congregational web team has been excellent.”

Greg Walker, Echunga Uniting Church